Current and Recent Exhibitions

artwithoutwalls at the Kentucky Center, Louisville KY

Acoustic Landscape 2013

47' - 6" x 36', digital video still on vinyl

IdeaFestival press in the Courier-Journal  About this piece and Idea Festival Artists

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Recent Exhibitions:
Ascent Cincinnati
curated by Elizabeth Leach Gallery
August 15 - February 15 2014
US Bank
Cincinnati, Ohio
By the Numbers: Artebella
Public: LVAA downtown Gallery 
August 21 - September 28, 2013 
131 West Main St.
Louisville, KY 
First Lady’s Offices in the Capitol
June 1 – October 28, 2013
700 Capitol Avenue
Frankfort, KY
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
Chido Johnson's Love Library - Let's Talk About Love Baby
Austin Peay State University
March 2013
Clarksville, TN

Stockholm, Sweden
US Embassy Residence 2010-2012
curated by Alice Gray Stites,
Valerie Sullivan Fuchs in collaboration with David Ingram


2009, video projection onto hand - see show at US Embassy Residence in Stockholm

click here to see video of work

Artists in exhibition:

Claes Oldenburg, Kiki Smith, Dih Q Le, David Levinthal, Mark Bradford, Elena Dorfman, Spencer Finch, Lynn Geesaman, Anthony Giocolea, Laura Ball, Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz, Lori Nix, Letitia Quesenberry, Paul Rusconi, Stefan Sagmeister, Peter Sarkisian, Alyson Shotz, Andrea Stansilav, Jennifer Steinkamp, Valerie Sullivan Fuchs

Video Sculpture, 2009, Green Building Gallery, Louisville, KY  









New Albany Bicentennial Public Art Project 2010-11

New Albany,  IN  USA
Valerie Sullivan Fuchs
2010, 50' x 10' video projection onto building, every 37 minutes the video projection of water slowly floods the side of the building for 6 minutes, stays for 23 and recedes for 8 minutes.

Artists in exhibition:
Letitia Bajuyo, J. Daniel Graham, John King, Brad White, Valerie Sullivan Fuchs

CURRENT Exhibitions



Blue: Matter, Mood, and Melancholy
21c Bentonville, AR 



Acoustic Landscape

2014  12 dye sublimation digital video stills wood panels of Kentucky's theorectical land 


Futura Falls City, 2013

single channel video 

on the one hand...and the other, 2014

dual channel video projection onto open hands

Both at the 

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What is the form of time? What does time look like?  Is it 1/30 of a second? Is it industrial time or Railroad time? Does it only flow at 60 hertz per second? Or is there some other measure of time we have forgotten that ties us to the sun, stars, seasons or rain? Is it a tall tree, a million year old ecosystem or clean pure water?


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