Time Works & Archive > Winter Count, 2010, 1:14:54, installation automobile subwoofer, cd player

'Winter Count' is an installation of an automobile subwoofer, cd player, and amplifier all powered by a car battery. In addition there is a separate cd player/amplifier and automobile speakers, a cake, acrylic platter, red, white, and blue lights. A winter count, as described by Barry Lopez in his book, 'Winter Count' is Native North American in origin, where losses over the year would be recorded onto a deer or buffalo hide. This installation is a memorial to all victims of violence and was inspired by the story and life of Marla Ruzicka, founder of CIVIC, an organization dedicated to help innocent victims caught in civil conflicts. Marla lost her life at the age of 26 when her car was hit by an IED while counting innocent victims in Iraq. Kelley MacRae counts up to 2082, the number of innocent victims in the Iraq war at the time of Marla's passing. Sound edited by Valerie Sullivan Fuchs. Installed at the Indiana University Southeast at Ronald S. Barr Gallery 2010. Funded by an Artist Enrichment Grant from Kentucky Foundation for Women. Many thanks to Kelley MacRae for enduring the 2 hour recording session.