Time Works & Archive > bride stripped bare by her bachelors, 2007, solar powered light box

bride stripped bare by her bachelors 9 ½" x 6" x 4" acrylic, solar light box, solar panel, Duratrans print. There are a series of 8 boxes each with a duratrans print of a video still from 'The Stripper', 2007 a video by Valerie Sullivan Fuchs. In 2006, Fuchs rented a small plane to see and video record the mountain-top-removal coal mining described in Erik Reese's book, 'Lost Mountain'. The images in the solar-powered light boxes have images from this hour long flight over MTR sites. This series was originally commissioned by Live.Learn.Believe. public art invitational at Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY. 2007. Since then they have been in Prospects, Sun Valley Center for Art, Ketchum, Idaho-2009, with Alfredo Jaar, Lucy Raven, Sebastiao Salgado, Victoria Sambunaris, Andre Yi and On::Procession with Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2008 with Fritz Haeg, choreographer of parade and Lauren Argo.