Time Works & Archive > a horizontal line makes a stable image, 2007, video 21c Musuem

'a horizontal line makes a stable image' is a 66 second video of 42 film clips layered 42 times of one person's life recorded over 66 years. As the energy of the arc of one's life is made visible, the sound creates a literal arc, where each note is mirrored after it is played. Sound & video by Valerie Sullivan Fuchs. This piece premiered in 'Finding Family' Montgomery Co. Arts Center, Mt. Sterling KY and traveled to 21c Museum, Louisville KY. Curated by Karen Gillenwater, Carnegie Center for Art & History, New Albany, IN. Artists in Finding Family: Bryce Hudson, Russell Hulsey, Louis Zoellar Bickett II, George Haviland Argo III,Elena Dorfman, Lisa DuPree, Brooke Jacobs.